Air freight

American Star offers decades of expertise to our customers through our air freight consultancy service. Available to both new and existing clients, we aim to deliver spend savings by looking deeper into how a client completes their supply chain.

In today’s globalized business world, logistics and transportation are a vital part of the equation for all types of businesses, large and small. Your chosen method of transport may have a drastic impact on the flow of goods and delivery window, as well as on other resources like products, services and people. Sometimes, air freight is the most expedient solution for getting a very important shipment delivered very fast.


American Star works through international specialized agents to provide to the best air freight service to our customers. Our customized services and solutions afford us the ability to advise our customers of the best air freight solutions for their cargo.

We take extra care and meticulousness to transport your goods and comply with all the aviation and safety regulations, having expert knowledge of customs regulations, and a maintaining worldwide expertise of import/export restrictions. Our air freight service handles consignment of any size and shape.


To establish commercial saving American Star’s air freight service collects consignments from various clients and consolidates them into regular air freight consols. This allows us to provide clients with smaller consignments the same cost benefits we offer blue chip organisations.


For extremely urgent or high value cargo, we have a team of couriers on standby to personally collect, hand carry and deliver items to any destination in the world on the next scheduled flight.


For customers seeking economy without sacrificing on speed, AMERICAN STAR offers a cost effective option that combines air freight and sea freight services in order to reduce costs while still offering the benefits of air shipment.